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October 18th, 2011

In the internet, there are lots of things that they have. There are a lot of free things that you could gather from it. One of the things you can get from the internet for free is the Funny Clips. There are there to be able to help us to make things funny for even a short amount of time. When we feel that you are so much stressed or that you are too unhappy, we need to set our minds into some other things to be able to relax. We can do this by watching Funny Clips in the internet. Today there is a great variety of Funny Clips. Because of the fact that not all that is funny to one person may necessarily be funny to another, Funny Clips have reached a great number. This is through the upload of many people who captured the funny scenes in their cameras or phones.

5 Responses to “Online Funny Clips”

  1. Catherine says:

    its me the mummy who laughs… she comes back but we have a cat flap cos she brings too many dead things… actually just been burgled the day before so my laflaflaffing may have been a little OTT! but believe it or not… the only prints the SOCO got were CAT PAW PRINTS!! Yes in the UK! thanks for watching, my little lad is the one who loves funny clips etc.

  2. vene bek says:

    If we are so easily sway by guys flashing their body, we would not have been Seung Gi fans for so long…

    We are the type that care whether your body is toned up or have 6packs or not…..

    if the PD thinks that way like you said, he has used the wrong chess… he should give us more sweet/romantic/funny scenes of Daewoong & Mi Ho…. :) :)

  3. Hey!
    well I hate to be the spoiler, but i doubt arrested development will cme back. a grat show though! However there is a new show you should check out. called “Help Me Help You” with ted danson on ABC. the link to their sight on You Tube. They have some pretty funny clips that you might be interested to post. check it out!

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