Smokeless Cigarettes For The Environment

November 7th, 2011

There are many advantages of using Smokeless Cigarettes. One of this is geared towards saving the environment. We have seen the devastating effects of the pollution in the environment. Slowly, our earth is dying and it is our duty to protect it so that we may have a world where our children and our children’s children would be able to survive. One of the pollutants in our air today is the Carbon monoxide. This could be produced when we smoke the conventional cigarette. The burning of the tobacco leaves together with some other ingredients would produce this gas. When we choose to use Smokeless Cigarettes, only water vapour is produced. The vapour takes the place of the smoke so it does not smell bad. It does not produce the poisonous Carbon monoxide. This makes it an earth friendly device. It does not contribute to the additional pollution that usual smokers do.

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