Indian Food Recipes And Their Increased Demand

September 30th, 2011

With the Indian population reaching more than 1 billion, the demand for Indian food recipes has increased drastically. Food in the sub-continent is spicier and mouth- watering than anywhere in the world. The basic reason behind is the co-existence of so many different community with different culture, lifestyle, ancestral practices with each community bringing their own unique recipes. Mainly, there are two types of Indian recipes, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Vegetarian mostly uses green vegetable such as a Fenugreek (Maithi), spinach, bitter melon (karela) in their daily routine. It is very nutritious and good for health. It could be made in different way and combine to form a new dish (fenugreek and spinach). It could be broiled, fried or steamed. Similarly, non-vegetarian recipes are spicier with curry, chicken and eggs. Now let us consider it with respect to health perspective

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  1. Just so you know, I copied your recipe and it was AWESOME!!! going steal all your indian food recipes from now on ;)

    WJ: Whee! Yay! Glad it turned out well.

  2. chak bot says:

    Vegetarian usion Continental Vegetables in Plum Sauce Great Indian Recipes is an exquisite collection of ethnic indian food recipes We have recipes categorised in Vegetarian Non Vegetarian Soups Snacks Seafood Salad Meat Drinks Chicken Tandoori With Egg Without Egg

  3. spice says:

    Hi Tia, I been able to exactly recreate restaurant quality naan at home yet. I think it is difficult to get the same results at home as you would get with a clay tandoori oven. That being said, I make pretty great naan and I owe it to the recipe in Indian Cooking by Madhur Jaffrey. (If you can get a copy of this book somewhere, I highly recommend it for the excellent home style Indian food recipes). I used to make the recipe the way it is written, but I have made changes to the recipe for [...]

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